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April 2023 Social Networking

Board Game Bonanza

Join us for an evening of fun and connection through the joy of board games! Will you choose a cooperative, strategy, or humorous large-group game? Feel free to share your favorite board game during registration; it may just wind up on the docket!


Colorful Dice

Join us at The Palette on Main Street for an evening of fun, connection, and a personal piece of art to take home with you! Connect with other mental health, behavioral health, and medical health professionals in the Grand Valley in this social networking event. 

March 2023 Social Networking

Canvas Painting at The Palette


Join us in celebrating Random acts of Kindness Week from Feb 14 - 20, 2023. Spread joy, kindness, and appreciation to those you know, those you've never met, and those you may never meet by implementing at least two acts of kindness each day. This may even develop into a new habit of living a more fulfilling life for you and those around you. We can all benefit from more kindness ❤️

February 2023 Social Networking

Random Acts of Kindness Week

Image by Mei-Ling Mirow
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