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Sunset Kayak

Ongoing Events

Some events held by Creatively Connecting Communities are ongoing, and you're able to join at any time. If space is full, another group can be developed. 

Shrinks of the Ink

We wanted to take a different approach with this book club by focusing more on the autonomy of choosing your book each month and sharing it with the other members. We believe sharing your connection with a book and inspiring others to build a similar connection is rewarding! Learning and hearing what makes us passionate and excited about this profession is fantastic, and we can't wait to share and experience this with you!

Bookclub Monthly Meetings

Saturday Afternoons

2 - 3 hours

Choose your own book!

Image by Shane Scarbrough

D&D Group

Delve into the unknown while you battle monsters, develop characters, and build everlasting connections with your adventuring party through the fantasy role-playing pursuit of Dungeons & Dragons!

Tyranny of Dragons

Weekly on Monday Evenings

Kayak Front

Colorado River Adventures

Summer months ONLY

Join us with your paddleboard, kayak, tube, etc., while we reconnect with nature every Saturday during the summer months!

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